Sunday, 2 June 2013

Jeju Island - in the mists

The Dragon Air flight discharged its passengers through the international airport at South Korea's Jeju Island perfectly on time. The Island was wrapped in clouds and pleasantly cool.

The airport bus then shot rapidly by the requested stop and the bus driver had to be yelled at to stop, leaving an uphill climb back to the pension.

And why are we here - bird watching.... oh, and the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission but we cannot tell you about this, because it is confidential until.... well not sure, but it is usually confidential until the Commission meeting that follows but this year for the first time in 64 years there is no following Commission meeting, so.... not sure.

Anyway, swallows of some kind are nesting on top of the outline lights of the pension. Here's one feeding its chick on its very messy nest and below this is spotted nutcracker (a juvenile I think - something about its attitude)!

Barn swallow (I think) feeding young

Grey capped greenfinch

Young nutcracker

Adult nutcracker

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