Sunday, 30 June 2013

Australia Versus Japan at the International Court of Justice REV2

As many readers will know, Australia has taken Japan to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over its 'scientific whaling' activities in Antarctica. This is undoubtedly an historic case with very significant implications for future whaling and I am not going to comment beyond this here, but I will provide some links below where you can find out more.

You can find some official background to the case here.

Andrew Darby is one of the leading journalists who follows the whaling issue and you can see his opening article on the case here.

The case is now entering its second (of three) weeks of the hearing. The first three days, last week, consisted of Australia presenting its case, the presentations by its expert scientific witnesses and some cross questioning of the same. Japan starts to make its reply from Tuesday afternoon.

You can watch the case live on the ICJ website or you can watch video recordings - the link to both of these is here.

I will update this page with other links as I spot them.

Newer Links

Interesting commentary from Philippa Brakes of WDC here

Latest from Andrew Darby (including pictures of the court) here

Attorney General of Australia commenting on the case (9th July) here

And again here on ABC.

The case closes (16th of July) - comments on Japan's closing statements here and here

Australia concludes its case - Darby again (11th July) here

Andrew Darby's final thoughts, including a little more on what happens next here

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