Saturday, 27 October 2018

Some (more) seals of Bardsey

Autumn calls and so do the grey seals of Bardsey Island! 
Here are a few photos from the latest breeding

A recently moulted pup - so born about three weeks ago and now living off its fat whilst contemplating entering the sea. This youngster is too young to be scared of us. A little later this changes and this years moulted pups generally become nervous and will quickly head off over the shore to the safety of the sea.
A bull (an adult male) - hauled out and resting on the shore.
His strong tarry 'perfume' can be smelled from many yards away.
Another handsome bull.
Newly born pup in the white coat that it wears for the first three or so weeks of its life.
This one has a nice soft bed of sea-cast kelp.
And here is a pup in mid-moult. His little head has now lost its baby fluff and over the next couple of days the rest of his body will go the same way. Note the fluff on the ground!
Mother seal suckling her pup in the shingle zone of the upper part of the shore.

And finally a snippet of film of a young pup calling for her mum and some lunch. Mum was not far away.

The Shapes of Bardsey

The low Autumn sunshine lights up the 'Island of Twenty Thousand Saints', Bardsey or in Welsh, Ynys Enlli, the Island in the Tides..

More about Bardsey HERE and its wildlife HERE..

Sunday, 30 September 2018

More Brazil - some views and wildlife.

I have a few more great images from my recent trip to Brazil to share.

Firstly from Parana state -

The view towards Paraguana Bay from the old road between Curitibia and Paraguana.

The view up towards the mountains.

Then a few images from around Ponto du Sol.

Juvenile Sub-Antarctic fur seal

Babatonga Bay

The Guiana dolphin with cormorants in the background

The Brazilian lapwing
Next some birds from around Florianopolis -

Guira cuckoo

Black-necked stilts - Florianopolis

And finally some great photos of Sotalia - the Guinea dolphin - taken in Paraguana Bay by Lara Gama Vidal during my trip there - thanks to her and Camilla Domit.