Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Back in the UK - the birds and the bees

More summer visitors to the garden:

The European Magpie (last seen in Jeju) here in the UK

Greater  spotted woodpecker and adult starling share a bird-feeder
A youngster

'Stumpy' the tail-less young starling
Stumpy again
Parent robin looking for its two youngsters

One young robin begs for food
And here is the other

Even in my relatively protected garden it is obviously a tough life for young birds. They lack the experience of older birds and no matter how watchful their parents are, there are many hazards for the youngsters. The small pile of brown feathers that I found a couple of days ago can be explained by Stumpy's condition. I suspect that he was grabbed by a cat and whilst he has survived, his tail is gone and he seems to spend most of his time running about on the ground. When startled the other flock members fly swiftly up and and away into the hedgerow but stumpy runs for cover in the long grass. 

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