Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Jeju - images from a day off

I am just going to hang a few images here from around the island gained today and will provide further explanation later.

The museum of tea's collection of tea cups

One of Jeju's offshore islands

Marine debris on an un-cleaned shore

A larva surge
This is a tunnel dug by the Japanese in the unique geological feature during  WWII and from which they used to launch kamikaei attacks on the allied forces.

Jeju squid boat

Pacific reef heron
The 'Jeju sea slater Ligia spp. - about one inch long
Hanging out the squid to dry

Swinhoe's or Chinese egret - note bright yellow feet.

another island
Photoshoot on the beach
Tricolor Flycatcher (him and her): Photo kindly provided by Fabian Ritter

Pierre and Frank enjoy some birdwatching

The Jeju roe deer

A river valley - the magnificent tree on the left is an acer/Maple

A grandfather stone (on the right)
Recommended natural history trip on Jeju: the '1100 Altitude Wetland' which is a Ramsar site on the side of the mountain - more here
This is the higest part of the island that you can drive to and a number of walks are accessible from here. 

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