Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Land of the Long White Cloud - SMM 2

Highlights of the last couple of days at the SMM - which has manly been meeting in four simultaneous sessions have included impassioned pleas for the improved protection of the Maui's dolphins (New Zealand's genetically distinct sub-species which is now down to only some ~55 individuals); many papers related to the threat posed by noise to marine mammals; and a panel session looking at the issue of captive orcas.

Here are a few images:

Michael Jasny presented an overview of the work on ship-quietening technologies which he has been helping to lead.

Michael Jasny
 Here the man himself in full flow.
Barbara Maas of the German NGO NABU calling for more action for the Maui's dolphin
And reminding us of the statement made by the IUCN on this sub-species.
The Panel discussion met in a packed hall:

The Panel: from the left: Duffus, Rose, DeMaster, Orams, St Leger and Baird.

DeMaster presented data on survival.

A series of questions were put to the panel that had been made by its members and provided to the panelists a few days earlier, starting with this one:

 Then this one

The question from Erich Hoyt (below) elicited support from all the panelists for a call on the Russian government to stop taking orcas.

The full panel discussion was recorded and will be available through the SMM website a future point, so I will not say more now but try to provide the appropriate link in due course.

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