Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Whale and Dolphin News: May

There have been a couple of significant developments on the whale and dolphin front these last few days:

Firstly, it has been announced in Iceland that they will resume their take of fin whales this summer. This is after a break of two years.

Here it is reported in the Icelandic press: Iceland Review. And you can see one of the whaling vessels being made ready here.

Secondly, after a long wait, the findings of the investigation into what caused the UK’s largest mortality of dolphins which occurred in June 2008 have just been made public in a paper published in a peer-reviewed journal by a long list of authors: The paper is in an open access journal which means it can be freely seen by all and you can find it here.  

This has been a major issue in the UK and the results were also reported in the media; including here in the Daily Mail

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