Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Conservation News: Action from the Palace on wildlife trade, India Bans Dolphinaria, sad news for UK wildlife and an entangled whale

There is a lot of interest in the media today in the UK surrounding a meeting in London which has the support of Prince Charles and Prince William and which concerns the mounting problems related to wildlife trade.

The conference is at St James's Palace and delegates will be told that trade in wild animals and their parts and products is being driven by international organised criminal networks and, in some cases, terrorist and rebel militia groups.

There is more information and a video about the meeting on the Skye news site here

India has just announced that it has banned the keeping of dolphins in captivity and in its reasoning points to their recognition as non-human persons. See the discussion of this on the WDC blog here.

This makes India the second country to decide not to host any dolphinaria; the other being the UK

UK wildlife are sadly in decline - see BBC news here.

And finally the sad story of a whale that was disentangled but did not survive: here.

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