Sunday, 26 May 2013

Summertime! Ham Wall - booming bitterns and calling cuckoos.

It's no good. I have tonnes of work to do but the sun is shining and it is a holiday weekend.

So a quick expedition to the RSPB reserve at Ham Wall a little west of Glastonbury follows.

Even before I have the car door open, I can here the cuckoo calling and then, a little later, that other rare bird, the bittern, is booming from deep in the marshes.

Mute swans with their seven cygnets and Glastonbury tor behind. 

One of the main drains.

The bittern drifts along the reed bed
Somewhat battered peacock butterfly

May blossom (Hawthorn)
Later: marsh harrier soar overhead; crested grebes and coots mind their nests; and crested grebes abound. There is plenty of other birdlife. Its a wonderful place on a sunny day, part of a series of linked reserves on the marshy lowlands of the Somerset levels.

More on Ham Wall here.

Time to put my summer hat on and... go back to work.

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