Sunday, 7 June 2015

Welcome to the Hotel Del Coronado

Just before leaving San Diego, a few unexpected free hours give the opportunity to visit the famous Hotel Del Coronada. This is on Coronada Island reached by a vast arching span of a road bridge that transects the sky as you look south from the main city.

The Hotel is famous for many things - its age (it's Victorian); its architecture (it's rather grand, rather large, has big red turrets and made of wood); that it has featured in many films - most famously the 1959 classic comedy  'Some Like it Hot' starring Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis; and that many famous figures in world history have stayed there.

It is rather a grey morning but I think that you can get an idea from the images below that this is a rather splendid venue.

Near the front entrance to the Hotel stands a large Dragon Tree (below right) - native to the Canary Islands and planted in the late 1800s. It too featured in Some Like it Hot.

Here recreating a scene from Some Like It Hot with the famous tree
are the modern day equivalents of Jack and Marilyn  -
Frank and Miguel - (Toni Curtis
is of course behind the camera).   
Marilyn with the Coronado Hotel behind
The Crown Room - a great wooden hall - on this day hosting a few small tables
But once hosting USA president Nixon and his Mexican equivalent, Diaz Ordaz.

Wood paneled lobby
The white sandy beach of Hotel Del Coronado where Marilyn once walked. 

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