Friday, 19 September 2014

IWC 65 - overviews and blogs REV REV

I plan to write one more piece about IWC 65, which closed yesterday. Some sort of final assessment of where the many twists of the meeting have left us  but I need a couple of days to get my addled neurons back together again. It was an intense meeting and one of great highs and lows.

Meanwhile here is a link to a new Huffington Post article where I look in a little more depth at the Icelandic demarche and views in Europe on whaling. LINK

Here is Wayne Pacelle of HSUS providing a well-informed overview LINK

You may also like to look at the very clear and clean reports from the meeting provided by Chris Butler Stroud of WDC. Here's his report of the last day LINK

And very helpful overview - including a voting record from WDC- LINK

New Scientist view LINK

For more about the background to the ruling to the International Court of Justice ruling here is an editorial in Antarctic Science from a few weeks ago LINK 

The official summary from the IWC meeting is now online HERE This includes all the conclusions made and the texts of the agreed resolutions.

New Zealand Commissioner interviewed

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