Saturday, 29 March 2014

Down in the lambing sheds.

I witnessed a birth today. A tiny lamb, yellow and frail popped into the world at the lambing sheds at Lackham College, 

At this time of year, around where I live, the fields are full of new sheep. They don't stay frail and yellow for long. Soon they are bounding around the fields, chasing their mums for milk, suckling with their tails wagging and then, as the weeks pass, they become increasing independent and little gangs seem to develop. They charge around together bouncing as if on springs and sometimes butting heads.

Here as part of my celebration of Spring are some pictures of the newborns.

I am well aware that there are significant ethical issues that relate to the welfare and fate of livestock and if you would like to know more, I recommend Compassion in World Farming to you and the Humane Society.

There were some other youngsters there too:

But mainly its about the lambs!

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