Friday, 8 November 2013

Dateline Tangier 6

ACCOBAMS Meeting of Parties - Close

So the draft report of the Meeting of Parties (MoP) arrives late in the afternoon and is carefully reviewed paragraph by paragraph..

Eventually it is all agreed and all the resolutions are formally approved and passed, including the two tricky noise-focused ones (albeit it in forms significantly different from the original drafts and the beaked whale resolution lacks the map developed by the scientific committee).

No one offers to host the next Meeting of Parties (although Morocco indicates that we would be welcome to return) and we move finally to the adoption of the report.

Before we close, the new Executive Secretary, Florence, is called to the microphone and she refers to the difficulty in taking over from her predecessor (although she says that she will keep Marie Christine on speed-dial), and that she knows that she will be supported by the 'dream-team' of Secretariat staff.

Then Malta and Portugal hijack the meeting to present 'resolution 6', which is entitled 'The Future that we Want'... and a power point follows showing many somewhat unusual images of delegates. Reference is made to the  the 'noisy groupies', ACCOFUNS and the 'Extinguished Delegates'. There is much laughter and the now infamous map even features among the images.

Marina of Portugal says this has been the best MoP because we have been so well looked after and applause follows.

And so with grateful thanks to Morocco for hosting and with some delegates disappointed about the noise resolutions (see for example this discussed in a blog here), the meeting closes.


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