Thursday, 28 November 2013

Congratulations Dr de Boer

My old friend, co-author and long-term collaborator, Marijke de Boer, survived her PhD viva last week at the University of Wageningen and emerged as Dr de Boer.

The whole event is online; so if you want to see how a formal viva at a Dutch University is conducted, including many interesting question of a variety of degrees of relevance click HERE

Marijke presents her work flanked by her paranymphs

The review panel including the University's Rector Magnificus process from the room
Marijke's thesis consists of 8 published papers. 4 come from her work with WDC over the years and 2 of these concern studies made on Bardsey Island. It is entitled: 'Elusive Marine Mammals Explored - Charting under-recorded areas to study the abundance and distribution of cetaceans using Multi-Method approaches and Platforms of Opportunity'.

Well done Marijke and thanks in particular for taking the Bardsey work to fruition. .

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