Friday, 2 October 2015

Scenes from a Small Agreement for Small Cetaceans

It happened in a very nice room high in a ministry

Just a few images from the Advisory Committee meeting of ASCOBANS - a small agreement  for small cetaceans. (The meeting was in The Hague - not just any old Hague but 'The Hague' - in the Netherlands, sometimes called Holland.)

Here the same room with some people in it
The good-looking end of the room - NGO-land: Peter, Mark, Fabian and Fiona (Fiona is on the right)

And there was a reception - It was very colourful

How much do the Dutch love their bicycles? Two tier bycycle stacking device at The Hague Central Station
This is the Schipol Airport affect over the North Sea (trying to spell ASCOBANS)
For much better photographs check out the ASCOBANS Facebook page.

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