Monday, 11 May 2015

A swift visit to Luxembourg

A lizard of Luxembourg.
I was very pleased to recently have the opportunity to visit the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This is the last Grand Duchy in the world. It is It is bordered by Germany to the east, Belgium to the west and north and, to the south, France.
Luxembourg has its own language, although its people are famously multilingual, and is a very small country
(2,586.4 km2 or 998 sq miles).

What I had not expected to find was that its main city has a deep ravine running through its middle with spectacular bridges spanning it. 

Here are some views:
'Grund -level' - this is the district at the base of the ravine; known as The Grund.
Notice extensive caves in the cliff face.

A view of the same from above. The old Abby (centre left) is now a smart conference centre.

A famous landmark in the restaurant district. The
wording says something like: 'We want to stay the
way we are".

An elderly gentleman waves in front of the Palace

The widely recognised golden lady on top of
tall plinth that has become synonymous with the
The Catholic Cathedral in full festival mode

And outside the cathedral - an old friend and a
genuine Luxembourger, Pierre Gallego.

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