Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Lawn Watch - summer 2014

Back to the English country garden in mid-summer.

Here my camera trap shows what happens across 24 hours:

21.28 First badger of the night arrives - it is not yet fully dark

21.51 A second enters the garden (and a third comes a few seconds later)

22.10. Badgers leave

23.13 A lone badger returns for a few minutes

02.22 A fast moving cat

03.55 Another badger - again he only stays for a few minutes

05.34 The next image captured is not until dawn when a fat wood pigeon triggers the camera sensor

06.34 Second cat visitor
 At 08.08 some bird food is scattered across the lawn.

08.18 A wood pigeon and starlings descend to feed

After the feeding frenzy, the lawn is quiet except for this young magpie at 10.41 ...

...and a collared dove at 17.31

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