Friday, 25 October 2013

Escape from Bardsey Isand

At 7pm the shout went up: Get ready to meet the boat at 7.30 tomorrow morning or be prepared to stay on the island for sometime!

'But', I said, 'surely it is still dark at that time'. I was correct but the boat still came and we saw the dawn come up behind the Tudwal Islands as we crossed Bardsey Sound the treacherous stretch of water that lies between Bardsey and the mainland.

This was a few days earlier than scheduled but given that the last people that missed the last October boat from the island were there until December 15th (and there is a major storm on its way this weekend), it was probably wise.

Here are a few more pictures from my three weeks on the island:

A recently moulted pupo

A kittewake

The little bull pup hauled out on the grass (shown below in part 3) has acquired a friend - another pup which has started to moult.

A new born - just a few hours old.

A magnificent bull seal.
Mother and Pup swimming class - they have playfully wrapped some strands of seaweed around themselves!

Above: some Risso's dolphins pass by.

To learn more about the wildlife of Bardsey Island take a look at the Bardsey Island Bird and Field Observatory blog here.

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