Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A Summer of Babies REV

There seem to be a lot of babies about this summer.

Most famously there is a new heir to the British throne - one Prince George; my friends Pine and Nino (you may recall them from the last picture on this blog) successfully produced a little girl Quinn Lilly (see end for a picture).

And in the garden and on the canal the birds are now well into raising their second broods.

Most notably, there are starlings that are now starting to show some of their adult plumage (making them half brown and half black and spotted) and also a second new set of wholly brown (and somewhat silly) starling juveniles.

Then there are skinny young robins with their new red breasts and their younger siblings still in their baby coats. Out on the canal there seems to be a new set of cygnets too!

Here are the two generations of juvenile robins side by side

 Note the slight speckling still in the red breast.

An 'in between starling' - adult specking on tummy.

 A young blackbird

And the mute swans - 

This particular proud parent believes her chick will get more tit-bits if he attacks the boat's paintwork! He is quite wrong in this belief.

Pine and Quinn Lilly

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