Saturday, 6 July 2013

Summertime visitors - badgers

So I did not expect these visitors, but there were a few clues: odd little holes in the lawn and occasional rustlings in the hedgerow that runs to the back of my garden - neither of which I could explain. Then, suddenly, one dull summer's evening when the drizzle was finely falling, I saw a face come around the old flower pot that helps to hold up the bird feeder. It was twilight. And after one striped face came another. They seemed to be finishing off the left-over bird food and as there could not have been much of this I suspect that what they are really after are the worms in the guano-enriched soil.

They seem entirely oblivious to being watched from the upper story windows and pretty tolerant to the noises that come from the house. I think they are well used to them and have been watching us for sometime and decided we are mainly harmless..... which is true. It is a great privilege to see these pretty little animals close up.

And here...

... a three badger evening!

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