Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Graffiti of Setubal

This colorful piece is beautifully framed by the cul-de-sac- it sits  in.

Setubal hosts a lot of these large rounded words

And again
And again (apologies if any of this is rude)

For some unknown reason the town seems blessed with some fine street art. Maybe this is because of the old derelict buildings that pepper the town and which provide good canvasses for the art. Canvasses where the art is unlikely to be painted over, except by other street artists. I also very much appreciate the use of English in some images like the one immediately below - perhaps this is fashionable or maybe the artists are visiting Brits. Anyway, here are some examples.

Nice! (And always a good idea!)
A more traditional approach to street art - and perhaps these traditional blue tiles help explain the ongoing interest in adorning the walls here. 

These decorated electricity terminals are a feature - I wonder if they are sponsored.

I especially like the little character here to the left of the door  - see below

I am fascinated  by this one. Not only it it huge but it features the local marine life...

Setubal even has dolphins on its drain covers

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